19.09 name suggestions?


now that 19.03 is released (awesome!) we might start thinking about a name for 19.09, right? I did not see a topic on this yet, so I’m starting one.

My suggestion: Lemur.

19.09 is currently named loris which is funny to me as that is an old nickname for solaris.

I have already started on the art work for this release as well.
I do think it would be cool if we had suggestions for 20.03 though.


oh well…

So for 20.03 … Magpie of course! A bird looking like a penguin - what more would we want? Basically a penguin that actually can fly!

Just saying, the release name for the next release is to the discretion of the junior release manager on the RM team. Meaning that whoever is on the team for 19.09 with @lheckemann will be the one choosing the name for 20.03. This process is not a community poll or anything like that :). (Though this is not meant to discourage suggestions in case whoever the RM is doesn’t have a M-animal in mind!)


that is awesome reward for the persons doing all the release work I was unaware of that process.

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I mean just look at this regal, kind of sleepy looking, roundboi.

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/corrected to adhere alphabetic naming scheme/


I had no idea that the names were in alphabetical order, but danbst’s fix is perfect :ok_hand:t3:.

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