2 Nov 2021 - Discourse migration to Flying Circus

We have moved to a new hosting provider on 2nd of November. Replies / new topics by mail to the old mail addresses (@discoursemail.com) will not be processed anymore.

Email users

To reply by email, you will have to update the destination address following this pattern:

  • Before: nixos1+dev@discoursemail.com
  • After: dev@discourse.nixos.org

About the migration

Flying Circus is a German service provider doing “DevOps as a Service” for
software developers and application owners. Based on their experience as
developers themselves they take over the responsibility of technical operations and
are a day-to-day partner to create and maintain business critical custom applications.

Based on their real-life experience of simple and complex projects they provide
a NixOS-based platform as well as a flat-fee pricing model that makes operations
a predictable and sustainable cost.

Under the hood, NixOS is the backbone of their platform and they also like
to contribute back to the community. The biggest contribution so far has been
Vulnix and developer time helping to improve security processes.

They have gracefully offered to host the discourse forum. On top of being a
company that is part of our ecosystem, this will also allow us to be more
flexible in terms of email handling and plugins that we can use on the forum…


Nice of them to donate their time, effort, and resources.
Out of interest is there going to be any FC branding on the discourse? A little message or note about it somewhere etc?

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Does this mean that there will be no more push notifications from 2021-11-02 on for users of the mobile discourse application?

That might be the case. @dpausp is doing the migration and might know better. It might be a good opportunity to move to an open notification service.

Indeed! They didn’t ask anything in return, even the little blurb above was from my own initiative. I think it’s a good idea, I will see that they get added to the site footer.

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Looks like it is now pinging issues that were mentioned in the past, e.g. nix copy uses too much memory · Issue #1681 · NixOS/nix · GitHub

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@dpausp I disabled the github plugin for now.

4 posts were split to a new topic: ToS & Privacy Policy discussio

Looks like this affects posts that have been changed by Discourse’s backup restore process so this shouldn’t happen again.

Enabled it again, let’s hope it doesn’t spam around anymore for another reason :slight_smile:

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