20.09 Call for Release Manager

20.09 Call for Release Manager

Hello again, with 20.03 out the door, all shiny, development goes on almost instantly here in NixOS.
We will be needing a new release manager for 20.09/21.03 to release in co-operation with NixOS contributors, myself, and Eelco Dolstra. The release process in NixOS is in a time of great change, so this is the perfect moment for someone who really wants to leave their mark.
If you are interested, please get in contact with myself or @disassembler.

Contact Info

Freenode Nick Matrix ID
disasm N/A
worldofpeace @worldofpeace:matrix.org

What to expect

Being a release manager in NixOS is not a solitary experience.
There is always two release managers, where each release manager serves
for two consecutive terms/releases. With each new release the previous team gets to
appoint a new manager. (what’s happening right now). This way, you always have the guidance of a release manager who has the experience of releasing NixOS before. See the RFC for more details. As mentioned, releasing NixOS is in a time of change, expect the ability to improve it within our means, if you’re up to it :sparkles:
Working with me personally, just know I don’t do anything half heartedly.
Expect it to be transformative.

I hope to hear from all of you.

warmth - worldofpeace avatar


I’ll throw in my name as a backup. If someone else desires to be a RM, then I’ll gladly step aside.

There’s many ways to contribute, I’m also perfectly fine with reviewing the avalanche of PRs.


I think you’d do an amazing job. At the same time I think your excellent and countless reviews would be sorely missed if you had to shift your focus. There really should be more than one of you! From my little filter bubble it looks like you’re responsible for half the reviews nixkgs sees. A bit off-topic here, but I felt like some back-patting was in order :slight_smile:


I already declared @jonringer as 20.09 release manager so you have my vote :+1:


Just out of curiosity, how much time did the 20.03 RMs spend on this?

For the whole release? Not sure, @worldofpeace would know better.

Is your question how much of RMs tasks were reviewing PRs/approving?

No, more like overall how much time was spent writing, reviewing, coordinating, communicating, etc. Basically what was added to your current workload as a consequence of taking on the RM duties. I think it would make it easier for people to volunteer if they were aware of the impact.