2022-06-30 Documentation team meeting notes #3

Attendees: @fricklerhandwerk @infinisil @regnat @domenkozar @edolstra (@ryantm)
Notes: @fricklerhandwerk


There is an Events plugin we could try 🗓 Discourse Event - plugin - Discourse Meta

@fricklerhandwerk @Infinisil You should both have write access to the calendar now.


That looks good to me. It allows posting events related to a category. For teams we could just open an event thread and append meeting notes.

Thanks, I will redundantly maintain this one for now as well. Eventually we should converge on a single source of truth. I prefer the Discourse calendar: it is much easier to discover and contribute to. We did not appear to have had a problem with spam/vandalism so far, and we have an effective moderation team just in case.