2022-07-28 Documentation team meeting notes #6

Attendees: @fricklerhandwerk
Notes: @fricklerhandwerk @Mic92 @domenkozar @olaf @infinisil @Ericson2314

additional discussion:

  • @Ericson2314 how do we prioritize conceptual foundations vs. tutorials?
    • @domenkozar we first focus on providing practical tutorials and later support with concepts
      • reference material should be a different, independent category
      • we try to push something out incrementally
        • having something at all is better than what we currently have
        • later link to references once they are in shape
      • @Ericson2314 reference work should continue concurrently, would like to focus on the manuals
    • tutorials should be based on reference documentation
      • reference can be used to clarify instructions
      • @fricklerhandwerk yes, we already agreed on that
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