2022-10-28 Documentation team meeting notes #13

Attendees: @Mic92 @fricklerhandwerk @lucperkins @edolstra @infinisil @yuki_is_bored @Ericson2314 @j-k

Notes: @Mic92 (edited by @fricklerhandwerk)

  • Reviewed and discussed pull requests from the NixCon workshop

    As an experiment, and following up on the ideas from last week, we tried leaving discussion notes directly in pull request comments.
    The rationale behind this is that what counts is what gets merged.

This was the last documentation team meeting run by @fricklerhandwerk.

@LucPerkins will take the lead starting next week. We will gradually hand over in the background in the upcoming days, more probably weeks.

Many thanks to everyone who was involved! This was an amazing time, and I think we achieved something remarkable together. It was great learning to know you a bit, and collaborating with you so intensely, especially in the past weeks. I particularly enjoyed meeting almost all of you at NixCon, feeling your boundless energy and enthusiasm in the air.

Luc inheriting the documentation team was a fairly spontaneous decision at the NixCon documentation workshop, based on the fact that he has funding by Determinate Systems and can commit to work on documentation regularly. While he is a fairly new name in the community, he’s a long-time Nix enthusiast, experienced software developer, and a really nice person to be around.

We can all thank him for taking on this responsibility, which I think revolves mostly around doing the dirty work to help others get productive, and listening very carefully. I’m convinced he will easily do this much better than me.

I will stick around, and stay in the background to focus on more narrowly scoped but related tasks.
Let’s stay in touch.

– Valentin (@fricklerhandwerk)