2022-11-02 Nixpkgs Architecture Team Meeting #16

The Nixpkgs Architecture Team (NAT) is there to solve architectural nixpkgs issues that are too big in scope for any single person to undertake. There are regular 30 minute meetings every Wednesday (currently 13:30 to 14:00 UTC) in Jitsi Meet, open for anybody to join, recorded and live-streamed to YouTube, meeting notes are committed to a repository and added as a reply here.

The agenda for the NAT is generally created from discussions in the past week, mostly on Matrix, but you’re also free and encouraged to suggest additional topics by replying to this thread.

Tentative Agenda

Finding a new meeting time

With @Growpotkin joining the team and winter time taking over, we should find a new meeting time that works for all the members.

Next steps for auto-called packages RFC draft

@infinisil would like to spend some time to brainstorm for the auto-called packages RFC draft.

This RFC draft makes most attribute definitions in pkgs/top-level/all-packages.nix be auto-generated from a single flat (or prefixed) directory instead, where the subdirectory corresponds to the attribute name. The ad-hoc category-based structure of packages will be removed.

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Meeting Notes

Finding a new meeting time

Let’s use CET, an hour later than the current meeting at least, creating when2meet

  • “WET/WEST”? western european time

Next steps for auto-called packages RFC draft