2023-01-12 Documentation team meeting notes #23

Attendees: @lucperkins @henrik-ch @infinisil (later: @fricklerhandwerk)

  • New flake example:

    • Provide initial flake plus README by lucperkins · Pull Request #1 · nix-dot-dev/nix-flake-example · GitHub
    • Let’s use eachDefaultSystem but provide links and document which systems are included
    • Mention nix flake update in the README to make pinning more clear
    • Remove nix develop <flake> method of using the flake env
    • Should we explicitly mention supported systems? Or should system support magically fade into the background?
      • Link to the section in the Nix manual and then fix that section in the Nix manual!
      • nix.conf - Nix Reference Manual
        • What’s missing?
        • How the system string comes into being
        • Make sure to distinguish Nix vs. Nixpkgs. Nixpkgs has system strings it “cares about” but there could be many others.
          • Nix manual vs. Nixpkgs manual?
    • Keep the nix develop <flake-ref>?
      • @fricklerhandwerk: It’s an advanced use case, let’s write a manual section on this first
  • Let’s make the system string documentation the next big item to work on

    • @infinisil: reviewing high-level tutorials and guides reveals lacking reference documentation. we should fix underlying issues as needed, doesn’t have to be perfect every time; any improvement is good
  • @infinisil: check back on @domenkozar and @Mic92, since they haven’t been attending the meetings lately