2023-05-16 Nixpkgs Architecture Team Meeting #38


RFC 140

Checking for package collisions:

$ nix repl -f https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/tarball/master
Added 19084 variables.
nix-repl> lib.foldl' (acc: el: if lib.toLower acc == lib.toLower el then builtins.trace "${acc} <-> ${el}" el else el) "" (lib.attrNames pkgs)
trace: antimicroX <-> antimicrox
trace: flameGraph <-> flamegraph
trace: vkBasalt <-> vkbasalt

But these are all aliases of each other, so no problem

  • Steering committee status unclear, so went ahead and had the first meeting with nominated shepherds.

  • Made changes before and after the meeting to address concerns and clean it up

  • Tested backporting, works without problems

Packages modules WG

  • Regular meetings happening!

  • A few pull requests open

  • meeting notes in pkgs-modules repos.

Misc: super pure bootstrap from GUIX


Does that actually imply lazy-meta? :pray: :pray: :pray:

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