2023-07-03 Documentation team meeting notes #60


  • reviews



  • reviewed collaboratively
  • there is still some work to be done in general
    • splitting chapters and sections
    • also needs more end-user and in-code documentation and possibly better factoring
      • @asymmetric: we need overview of which tools do what and why (and why we have our own tool)
      • @pennae: originally started out with DocBook, also used Pandoc in the past to avoid dealing with XML, but it’s a huge dependency and introduced inconsistencies
  • currently no maintainer in CODEOWNERS, but could add the documentation team
    • will discuss this next time
  • we should do some knowledge sharing to enable more people to maintain it
  • merged

Change project's self-description by asymmetric · Pull Request #575 · NixOS/nix.dev · GitHub

  • Agreed on “Official documentation for getting things done with Nix” to avoid further discussions
  • @asymmetric will fix up and merge
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