2024-04-23 team lead planning meeting

Attendees: @julienmalka @janik @jleightcap @fricklerhandwerk (later: @mightyiam)

Preparation of Summer of Nix, and in response to recent community inquiries


  • clarify purpose and goals of the summer program
  • address open questions
  • what exactly to work on
  • technical issues and strategy

Purpose and goals


Thanks for the update. I think the SoN has been beneficial in the past and continues to be a valuable program. How can I help? I was a mentor for 2021,2022… didn’t anything for 2023 so I’m a bit unaware of current state.

Thanks for the offer! Answering questions I asked in Is Summer of Nix worth the money? would help me on various matters. For example, practical proposals for success metrics would help a lot.

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