23.05 regressions with Pipewire & screen flickering (nvidia)

Hi all,

I’ve just updated to 23.05 and I’m getting some annoying QOL regressions:

  1. I use Pipewire, and I’m getting a multitude of problems. If I run guitarix I can no longer drop the buffer size down to 64 samples (it just goes silent, but weirdly does receive my guitar signal).
  2. Pipewire also seems to cut out/stutter a lot more. I’m just listening to music on Plex at the moment, and occasionally when I get a WhatsApp notification or “something” happens, the audio drops out for a few ms. I have WhatsApp notification sounds turned off, which makes it even weirder. Seems to be that minor CPU spike could be causing problems.
  3. I get fairly regular screen flickering, distinct from tearing. I use the nvidia drivers, and have a 2060. I’ve tried dropping back to kernel 5.15 but that hasn’t sorted anything.

I don’t really know where to go with this weird problems, as they are both intermittent and I can’t find anything obvious in any logs. Any ideas where to start poking? :man_shrugging: