Aapache - Run different php versions

Here’s my problem. I would also like to have the possibility to run an old PHP version on my test environment. The best thing for me would be, if I have the current php 7 versions running and also a PHP 5.6 version.

Is there a possibility and how can I implement it? Is there an older nix-channel from which I get the packages or do I have to build everything myself now? Meine aktuellen genutzten nix-channels:

nixos nixos-18.09 release nixos-18.09.2574.a7e559a5504
nixpkgs nixpkgs-unstable release nixpkgs-21.11pre326916.7053541084b

Would be very grateful for any further information.

Thx and Greetz Bavra


I’ve been in this situation for quite some time now, in need for older version(s) of php (and elasticsearch) to test migrating existing code to newer versions.

I managed this by using my own fork of the nixpkgs repo, which involves allowing the phpPackage to be assigned to each FPM pool individually. Quite some time ago I shared this with the Nix team and they have implemented a similar approach as of version 19.03

Currently I’m trying to move away from this forked approach as it’s supposed to be doable with overlays, but I’m failing to get things going. I’ll be posting a different topic asking specific help for adding a custom php extension, as well as how to add older versions as overlays.

FWIW You can have a look at my fork and it’s diff with the current 18.09 branch Keep in mind that I’m only syncing the 18.09 branch.

Kind regards,