Adding non-packaged Latex font packages?

In my pre-Nix time I created a rather complicate LaTeX document, with lots of hairy hacks (a full book actually). I still have to rebuild it every 6 months or so, and one of the problems I keep running into was that I was using fonts that I had just installed using TeXLive’s getnonfreefonts, in particular URL Classico.

Now on NixOS I struggle everytime I have to rebuild it. The getnonfreefonts script, although officially part of TeXLive, doesn’t seem to be around. The upstream installation doesn’t work (rightfully), because it wants to change the system TeX tree. I just made progress by manually extracting the perl script from the installer and running ./ --user classico. Now I could run my document, but I expect it’ll break again until in 6 months.

If someone had already packaged these non-free fonts in a way I could just texlive.combine them into my installation, that would save me a lot of trouble. I tried before (a while ago), but couldn’t get it to work… hence asking here.