After upgrade to 19.03 I cant restart or shut down computer

I really can’t tell if this is come misconfig or a bug, so any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

When i restart or shutdown the computer, it halts after stating that shutdown is reached, and a message about watchdog0 (didn’t stop) and i can only turn off or restart using a power button press…

It happens on stable and nstable channel, and it worked fine after upgrading. I’m trying to figure out what is happening for 2 - 3 weeks now, but i have no clue at all

The computer is a Proliant dl360 g7.

thanks for any help

I don’t have this particular problem, but it happens to me once in a while that some service misbehaves during shutdown and causes the system to wait for three minutes (default timeout). I’ve papered over it by

  systemd.extraConfig = ''

thanks, I will try this

Would you care to tell how you installed NixOS on the Proliant?
I have a dl360 g6 on which VMWare runs but would love to get NixOS/kvm running on it.

Mine is a dl360 g7, so I’m pretty sure you could install and it will just work. I installed the system on the local disks, but i’ve using it without no problems (other than this one i submit of course) more than a year now

Thanks will see how far I get, was afraid of the hardware RAID getting in the way.

Ah rs ok, but no, after configuring the disks, nixos see them as normal disks. I used zfs, if you intend to do the same, feel free to ask anything. Just open a new thread and notify me to not get too far from the topic here