After upgrade to 19.03 I cant restart or shut down computer

I really can’t tell if this is come misconfig or a bug, so any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

When i restart or shutdown the computer, it halts after stating that shutdown is reached, and a message about watchdog0 (didn’t stop) and i can only turn off or restart using a power button press…

It happens on stable and nstable channel, and it worked fine after upgrading. I’m trying to figure out what is happening for 2 - 3 weeks now, but i have no clue at all

The computer is a Proliant dl360 g7.

thanks for any help

I don’t have this particular problem, but it happens to me once in a while that some service misbehaves during shutdown and causes the system to wait for three minutes (default timeout). I’ve papered over it by

  systemd.extraConfig = ''

thanks, I will try this

Would you care to tell how you installed NixOS on the Proliant?
I have a dl360 g6 on which VMWare runs but would love to get NixOS/kvm running on it.

Mine is a dl360 g7, so I’m pretty sure you could install and it will just work. I installed the system on the local disks, but i’ve using it without no problems (other than this one i submit of course) more than a year now

Thanks will see how far I get, was afraid of the hardware RAID getting in the way.

Ah rs ok, but no, after configuring the disks, nixos see them as normal disks. I used zfs, if you intend to do the same, feel free to ask anything. Just open a new thread and notify me to not get too far from the topic here

I just upgraded the system to 19.09 and it behaves the same way as 19.03… I installed ubuntu as dual boot and it worked, but to be honest the reboot process is not that smooth either… not sure if ubuntu used some workaround but anyway i will love to see nixos working as expected again

To anyone concerned with this problem, I just discovered that the problem was with the video drivers (nva8) and nothing with nixos. The nva8 drivers have an old issue with acpi that cause this problem on some systems.

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Does this still happen on 22.05? I’m curious what Ubuntu is doing for handling it better.

Yes, it does and apparently it will do forever :frowning: nobody will fix those old drivers, and the workaround for ubuntu as far as i know doesn’t work anymore too…

Maybe it is the case that i was using ubuntu LTS and nixos deprecate things much faster, so it STILL works with ubuntu then its deprecated… it was a really old graphics card (fits inside a 1u server, thats why i was using it)

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