Alacritty crashs right after launch

I’m using nix (Nix) 2.2.2 within Debian, follows nixpkgs-unstable. I installed Alacritty 0.3.2 through Nix. Alacritty crashed right after launch, with error message:

Created log file at "/tmp/Alacritty-64913.log"
[2019-05-29 16:34] [ERROR] Alacritty encountered an unrecoverable error:

	Error creating GL context; Received multiple errors. Errors: `[OsError("Could not create EGL display object"), OsError("`glXQueryExtensionsString` found no glX extensions")]`

It is the same issue as alacritty#2243, which is triggered by glutin#1135. But this issue should have been fixed with change glutin#1133, and this change is already included in glutin v0.21.0, the fix should have been part of alacritty since alacritty 0.3.1.

I got the package through binary cache. glutin is part of cargo.toml, rather than an explicit Nix dependency. I wonder if a rebuild fetch the correct glutin and fix the issue. How do I force to rebuild Alacritty from source rather than binary cache?

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I actually suspect it’s caused by which means you cannot use libGL on non-NixOS without some workarounds.

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GitHub - guibou/nixGL: A wrapper tool for nix OpenGL application might help you to setup opengl on non-nixos in that case.