All devices bar nixos minidlna is picked up

Tv still not picking up nixos minidlna

  services.minidlna = {
    enable = true;
    openFirewall = true;
    settings = {
      inotify = "yes";
      media_dir = [
  1. There are devices that just don’t work with MiniDLNA - search for MiniDLNA and your TV model to find out if other have issues too
  2. Is the TV on the same network? (No dedicated IoT net or Guest network)
  3. It might take a while until the TV picks up the announcements of MiniDLNA; in my home setup I increased the announcement frequency to once every 60 seconds

Yeh the tv picks up all other devices within 10 secs except nixos. Yes tv on same network.

Even when ibset the announcement to 5 secs nothing shows.

All other devices pickbup nixos minidlna (w11 andriod tablet etc)


Ill check if mac filtering is on my router if so ill add the tv in but… it picks up the other devices and vise versa and tv can browse and update on my network?

have you contacted minidlna support forums at all? it is likely that this isn’t specifically a nixos issue, but an issue with the software itself. if you’re skeptical of this claim you could quickly load up an image of the software if available, or an ubuntu vm to test this.

i recall from a few years back getting certain devices to work with software like this can be a challenge… but upstream probably has a good community of users who have documented many tv models.

as an alternative solution you didn’t ask for … have you ever thought of hooking up a raspberry pi to your tv? i’m a big fan of htpc software on linux and have nothing but good things to say. you eliminate all compatibility issues immediately and get a ton of awesome features which make a smart tv almost intolerable to deal with :smile:

cheers for the pi tip

my Samsung “smart” TV picks up my NUC NixOS running minidlna FWIW. It’s a crude interface and doesn’t work all that well but I was pleasantly surprised to see Tux as the icon :slight_smile:

Did u add anything fancy into your snippet?

No, not at all besides having the firewall open. I do see that I don’t use the "V,/Video" syntax but rather just write in the mount point of an external drive (/mnt/whatever) but I doubt that’s the issue. What TV do you have? I’d take aanderse’s suggestion about trying a diff distro to see if you could isolate the issue and see if it’s NixOS or not.

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Yes was thinking of going backbto nobara 38 or fedora39 kde tbh. But will check