An idea about some two unhelpful error messages

In my opinion, the error message warning: error: unable to download and the hash mismatch message should print the derivation name and URL, respectively. I’ve previously had to slog through nix show-derivations to find the specific hash that mismatches.


This is probably the wrong place, but since it’s just being called unhelpful I want to point out: that error message displaying the correct hash is probably one of my favorite nix features. Whenever I need to use a different build system, and then redownload a file manually just to hash it, I’m sad I’m not using nix.

Thanks so much to whoever thought that was a good idea (and also to whoever made sha256 = "" be treated as a dummy checksum).


made sha256 = "" be treated as a dummy checksum

Oh, I didn’t know that! I always used lib.fakeHash in nixpkgs…

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