Android Studio unexpected $PATH

I am using NixOS and installed Android Studio using home manager. As part of my android applications build process I am trying to run a command line application (uniffi-bindgen). I installed this tool using cargo. I am able to run this command myself, so I know it is installed.

It appears as if Android Studio is running in some kind of “pure” environment because when I use which uniffi-bindgen it fails to find it and seems to have only searched in various nix specific paths.

Would anyone know a way to run/install Android Studio with additional locations in $PATH?

How do you start the android studio? Does it work if you start it from a terminal?

I have been starting it using KDE’s start menu. But I just tried starting it from the command line like your suggestion, and it worked correctly.

Is there a way for me to start it from the start menu and have it inherit my path?