ANN: nixpkgs-upkeep update bot

I put together a little bot that is capable of automatically running scripts, check for changes, and create PRs as necessary. You can check it out here:

I don’t want to spam maintainers with PRs, so my plan is to slowly add the packages that I use frequently (VSCode primarily) and accept inclusions for other packages over time. Please feel free to send me PRs adding your favorite packages!

Hopefully it’s helpful!

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Damn, I wasn’t aware of that project… is there a reason there are some packages that it still doesn’t update? Ie, I created nixpkgs-upkeep out of frustration that the VSCode version on nixpkgs often lags behind the official one.

According to it’s supposed to run passthru.updateScripts though it may be it silently fails and you would be able to find out why in it’s logs:

See also .

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Where is the infrastructure that runs these updates periodically? I’m not seeing anything in the CI that looks like it…

It’s supposed to be nix-community’s infrastructure. @ryantm probably knows more details then I am. I can confirm though that I did not find much details about it either.

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@samuela Good to see more efforts to keep things up to date, and I’m happy to join forces if it makes sense!

You can see the contributions of the nixpkgs-update bot here:

It’s operating on a shotgun approach: thousands of successful, and thousands of unsuccessful updates.

Looks like it is having trouble finding the derivation file for vscodium:

2020-09-03T23:01:04 vscodium 1.48.0 -> 1.48.2
2020-09-03T23:01:12 FAIL Received ExitFailure 1 when running
Raw command: /nix/store/83f38s2vp9nlkh3akilbhw2869xy0b9l-nix-2.3.3/bin/nix-env -qa vscodium-1.48.0 -f . --attr-path --arg config "{ allowBroken = true; allowUnfree = true; allowAliases = false; }" --arg overlays "[ ]"
Standard output:

error: selector 'vscodium-1.48.0' matches no derivations

Thanks @ryantm! I suppose great minds think alike…

Ultimately, my main concern is having a near “real time” updates to the packages I care about. I figured using GitHub Actions would be a convenient, transparent, and (importantly) free way to do this. But I’m not especially dogmatic in terms of how it actually gets done.

nixpkgs-update looks like a great project, and I wish I had known about it before starting!