Announcing a binary cache for nixjs

:wave: Hi friends!

Just wanted to share that I’ve spun up a binary cache in cachix for I’m currently caching all nodejs & yarn versions in nixjs and keeping up to date on the latest nixos-20.03.

Binary cache URL & public key are posted to the repo, as is a link to the cachix page.

For those who are new to nixjs:

If you work on a Node project, it’s pretty common to need to use a precise version for your tools. But the nixpkgs package set contains only one version of each major series of Node. This is where nixjs can help! I’m collecting derivations for precise versions for common javascript ecosystem tools where you may need to be more specific than what’s in nixpkgs.

Note I currently don’t have all node versions in nixpkgs, but it’s easy to add more node versions and I’m happy to respond to issues / pull requests to add them as needed.