Announcing hamnix, nix for radio hams everywhere

rufzxp is a ham radio tool for testing your Morse code typing speed.

It is notoriously difficult to get wine running in linux distributions reliably, especially when running multiple emulated windows programs concurrently in the same environment.

Apparently its quite difficult and time consuming to get rufzxp running too!!! not only in wine, but in version of windows past XP allegedly due to its .net 2 bindings… double jeopardy!!!

So an old program, still used and loved, but bit rotted out of existence…

you’ll need an active X session and everything is fetched with a hermetically sealed flake magic.

nix run github:matthewcroughan/hamni#rufzxp

You’ll need the new 2.4 flake tooling enabled in nix. This example shows the power of what flakes can do + a bit creative scripting to get something thats a PITA to configure and setup. Especially on re-installation of a borked system. There is still some unpredictability due to the use of wine tricks curling in some XP dependencies from wine hq.

happy ‘Morse-ing’

we hope to package more ham radio tools into nix soon, and probably bundle them up into ham-nix !

Join the effort!