Announcing the semi-official Emacs overlay!

For a while now I’ve been wanting to use the latest and greatest Emacs packages tracking Melpa as closely as possible.
This has been hard while using Nix to maintain my Emacs configurations since Nixpkgs is often lagging behind (for good reason).

After about a month of getting the required changes into Nixpkgs I’m announcing the semi-official Emacs overlay!

This is based on work by a number of people, notably who created emacs2nix and who wrote the new emacs-lisp based Melpa updater and who worked together on the initial overlay that resulted in this.

It’s currently updated multiple times daily from all supported package repositories, see the README for more detailed information.

A side-announcement is that we now have a dedicated irc-channel on freenode called #nixos-emacs


This is great! I ran into an issue just the other day that elpy was not the latest version so I could not auto format my code with black. Look forward to trying this out

This is awesome!

Are you planning to provide a Cachix cache?

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Yes that is coming soon, probably later this week.