Anybody using disnix?


I’m thinking about setting up some configuration management (mostly websites: wordpress, perl, etc). Disnix looks promissing, especially the fact it manages interdependencies between applications, and it is able to move databases between servers.

But it misses containers for php, or perl websites. Is it worth the trouble to add them? Any thoughts?


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It works. I’ve created some proof of concept deployments with disnix about a year ago. Nothing for proper production yet. I like the concept, but it needs more users to build maturity.

I’ve been considering putting together a generic systemd wrapper so arbitrary NixOS services can be Disnix-managed. Improved support for state snapshots along with dydisnix can be interesting as an alternative to k8s. Or do we just improve support for declarative containers via k8s and piggyback on that ecosystem?

I’d be happy to help re-evaluate Disnix and look at addressing any warts we find.

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That’s the trouble: the chicken and the egg…
We are volunteers, so if it’s something that gets us more volunteers, we can be the front runner.
But I’ll probably get a veto…

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