`appimage-run` cannot run `freecad`

I tried to run appimage of freecad, but failed. Several xorg's lib*.so cannot be loaded.

I copied them from system path to the extracted directory of the image and finally succeeded to launch it. However finally the freecad still break and the error message says segfault.

Where should I submit the issue? appimage-run of nixpkgs or freecad?

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Do you need to use the appimage version of freecad?

FreeCAD is in the NixOS repository. You can run it adhoc via nix-shell -p freecad --run freecad.

It looks like it’s almost the latest version 19.2 vs 19.3.

If you really need to run the appimage version, you will probably need to run it within a FHS environment which puts the Xorg and other libraries in the normal locations Linux programs expect libraries to live.

Here’s a typical example of using the buildFHSUserEnv function to create a FHS environment. (TBH I don’t recommend going this route; using or adapting the native NixOS package is a better option):

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Thanks for the example.

I do understand that freecad is the system package, I’m just testing the appimage on nixos.

I found that some appimage does work, but some others (e.g., freecad) does not.