AppImages not working on non-NixOS

I installed two apps packaged as “AppImages” and on top of that I gather they are “Electron” apps:

My home.nix:

  home.packages = [

And they are indeed installed:

❯ home-manager packages | grep -e nuclear -e remnote

But neither of them start:

❯ remnote
[7:0100/] Zygote could not fork: process_type gpu-process numfds 4 child_pid -1
[7:0100/] write: Broken pipe (32)

❯ nixGLNvidia remnote

❯ nuclear

~/.config/nixpkgs took 2s 
❯ nixGLNvidia nuclear

How can I run these apps?

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I did not setup my home.nix properly. If you have this issue make sure you properly follow the wiki.