Apps generally don't install icons/entries for KDE Plasma launcher

I managed to install NixOS with KDE Plasma, with ZFS. I find it to be far more stable than other linuces I’ve tried on my hardware. I think I’ve done a good job reading the docs and help. I just install apps I need using the exact commands on nixos packages - which mostly works. But I note that the majority of the time, the apps are not found in the KDE Application Launcher. I usually have to launch them from the shell, which are typically not even by the same names used on other linuces. Am I doing something wrong, or is this just the current state of development?

I’m open to suggestions on alternative window manager/desktops ; I just assumed KDE Plasma was better supported and further along, since it is the default install configuration.

Can you specific list what apps. I’ve not had this problem myself, but maybe i just use different apps!

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Are you installing things with nix-env? I think things should appear in the launcher if you install them with environment.systemPackages, but I think they won’t appear with nix-env.


Yes, that would be it. What a drag.

It works with home-manager too

I take it I should uninstall my apps with nix-env and re-install using one of the other methods - is that right?

yes home-manager would generate conflicts and refuse to build its config and nixos programs would be silently ignored by your nix-env

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When it comes time to reinstall or set up the same system on another computer you may end up thankful your system is all defined like that.

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Indeed I’d not suggest to use nix-enc at all, though that’s not causing your issues. Home-manager would place everything at the same location as naked nix-env does.

The real problem here is, that nix-env alone just doesn’t tell KDE to update it’s application cache. HM does so, at least when it knows about KDE.

Either or both of kbuildsycoca5 and logging out and back in should help KDE find the applications. I installed my stuff using nix-env and it’s working this way so far.

(I do intend to migrate to something like home-manager one day, but I think nix-env works fine.)

I had not come across any mention of home-manager of all the docs I’ve read over the months. what a shame it’s not in the roadmap for new users to steer them clear of getting on the wrong bus.

The problem here is that nix-env is officially part of nix, nixos is based on nix, so quite close, whereas home-manager is an external program

(I would personally vote to only have home-manager…, I only use nix shells, home-manager and nixos).