ARM: Olimex A64-OLinuXino

I’m trying to get nixos running on Olimex A64-OLinuXino board; on nixos wiki I found a page about the Teres-I laptop which is based on the same board.

From the wiki it seems it should “just work” with 5.11+ kernel - but I tried both the 21.11 generic image and the unstable (Latest kernel) - after turning board on, I don’t get anything on HDMI.

Don’t have a usb-serial adapter yet, so don’t know if there’s anything on serial console.

Anyone had any luck with the same or similar board?

I didn’t know I also need to write a device-specific u-boot image to the sd card (thanks to a friendly person on matrix channel for pointing out). I’m going to work towards that and report here.

tldr: after writing the appropriate u-boot to the sd card (on top of the nixos image), it booted!

Since this PR has already been merged, you can clone nixpkgs and build the needed u-boot with:

# cd nixpkgs
nix-build -A pkgsCross.aarch64-multiplatform.ubootOlimexA64Olinuxino

(I suspect when this lands in your channel, you could use nix-env to do something similar).

Then to write the image:

sudo dd if=./result/u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=/dev/__YOUR_SD_CARD_DEVICE__ bs=1024 seek=8

That’s about it!

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