Asking for help upgrading the SchemaSpy package

I was planning to update the SchemaSpy package from 6.1.1 to 6.2.2, so I updated the version and the hashes, built it with nix-build -A schemaspy . without errors, but this is what I got when tried to run it:

$ ./result/bin/schemaspy --help
no main manifest attribute, in /nix/store/0swkc0rzwd0h22bymhbv5nrkl34k3xva-schemaspy-6.2.2/share/java/schemaspy-6.2.2.jar

Looked up the error, found this Stackoverflow thread, but I’m not familiar with Java or its ecosystem, and based on the release notes since 6.1.1 there weren’t any breaking changes (at least from what I can tell).

CCing @jraygauthier (Your name was in the maintainer list, but if that is not the case anymore, please ignore this.)

Thank you!

The target package name has been changed, it now has an application classifier.
You should replace ${pname}-${version}.jar by ${pname}-${version}-app.jar.

You should also change the jdk version. The package is built by nix on jdk19 (jdk), instead of jdk11. SchemaSpy uses spring boot 2.2.11.RELEASE that is not compatible with jvm19. If you remove -Dmaven.test.skip=true, you will notice that the tests don’t work.

There is one more problem: SchemaSpy is run on jre19 (jre) instead of jre11. I don’t see jre11, maybe you can use temurin-jre-bin-11.

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