Asus vivobook issues

Hello, this is my first NixOS installation, everything went great, however, I’m having two issues with my laptop.

This is Asus Vivobook 16 M5606U Ryzen 8945HS.

  1. There’s no way to control operations of the RGB backlight on the keyboard, it randomly changes during operation it seems, sometimes it remains on one setting.

  2. When shutting down the laptop, everything is fine until it just hangs with keyboard backlight staying on, at this point I just hold the power button until backlight goes off.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions what I should try doing to remedy these issues?

Did you config anything on that side prior installing NixOS?

If you have a dual boot setup with Windows, you may configure the keyboard from Armoury Crate app
If not, you may try openrgb: OpenRGB - NixOS Wiki

Check also if BIOS is up to date

Actually, I should have updated the question, let me do that, but I’ve added a few lines to configuration.nix

boot.kernelPackages = pkgs.linuxPackages_latest;

And it seems reboot hanging problem fixed and rgb semi fixed, it doesn’t blink anymore, still continually rotating through colors it’s possible to ignore it.

Thank you for the suggestion.

It might just be the “initial” preset setup for the keyboard.
So you may just set up whatever color / scheme / animation you’d like from either Armoury Crate (if got a Windows boot) or openrgb.

There should be some key combination to change these actually.
Something like fn + arrow left / right to switch modes / preset.
fn + arrow up / down to change brightness.

As an example, see the “initial” preset for an Asus TUF keyboard freshly unboxed:

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