Audio issue with Lenovo C940


I am trying to install nixos on my Lenovo Yoga C940 and I am off to a good start, but there is a problem with my audio: The speakers only work with kernels prior to 5.5 and the microphone only works with newer kernels.

Note that the speakers have no problems when I am running Manjaro (with a relatively new kernel, following this guide: Arch Wiki)

I tried implementing the solution from the wiki and added these lines to my configuration.nix, but I am unsure whether I did it right:

boot.kernelPackages = pkgs.linuxPackages_5_10;
boot.blacklistedKernelModules = ["snd_hda_intel" "snd_soc_skl"];
hardware.pulseaudio.configFile = pulse/;

But the problem remains the same.

Thanks :slight_smile: