autoPatchhelfHook could not satisfy dependencies

Hi all,

I am trying to run autopatchelf on executable. It fails with the error autoPatchelfHook could not satisfy dependency wanted by /nix/store/anjmlq8rxg0l0amnn9f4d1dr96d4bhdv-jesc-configurator-1.2.9/bin/jesc-configurator. However, within the buildInputs section I have included nwjs. Here is the default.nix file and here is the `nix-build $NIXPKGS -A jesc-configurator`` output.

I ran a nix-locate that confirms that the nwjs package includes If I run it with autoPatchelfIgnoreMissingDeps=true, the only library it complains about is

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get autoPatchelf to find the library?

The original problem I am trying to solve is to get the dynamically linked executable to run, and it seems that autoPatchelfHook is the best way (aside from it not working lol). I did condenser trying to build it from source but couldn’t get node dependencies to play nice.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Did you try to move (or add) nwjs into nativeBuildInputs? I got similar issue and my problem was absent library at compile time phase.

Appreciate the suggestion but I did try that already. Had it in both nativeBuildInputs and in buildInputs.