Bad file descriptor during nix-build at clean-git.nix.33.11

Not sure this is a nix issue it could be the git repo or something but here is the exact error message I am getting:
Note: Could this be related to this issue? "Bad file descriptor" and "Too many open files" · Issue #101459 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub
In my case I don’t see any errors about too many files open but I do see bad file descriptors in two different repos.

I am on MacOS Monterey M1 processor and my nix.conf is:

   build-users-group = nixbld
   sandbox = false
   system = x86_64-darwin
   extra-platforms = x86_64-darwin aarch64-darwin
   experimental-features = nix-command
   extra-experimental-features = flakes
   extra-sandbox-paths = /System/Library/Frameworks /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks /usr/lib /private/tmp /private/var/tmp /usr/bin/env
   substituters        =
   trusted-public-keys =

Here is output

  sudo nix-shell --show-trace
 building '/nix/store/zcv0q6cmd39zr580w9sq0z1wbkak0mqk-git-ls-files.drv'...

 ErrorErrorxexecuting '/nix/store/715y5lnw12vdcc3hh9sc9vbkdi6c83x6-bash-4.4-p23/bin/bash': Bad   file descriptor
 error: builder for '/nix/store/zcv0q6cmd39zr580w9sq0z1wbkak0mqk-git-ls-files.drv' failed with exit  code 1

   … while realising the context of path '/nix/store/g0769lx8bm7lna4gsdchiayk6n7gdcx5-git-ls-files/files'

   at /nix/store/bvynxhgsxhp6ds11ak1wnjx5h8avmfwf-source/lib/clean-git.nix:146:26:

      145|           submoduleDirs = lines (readFile (files + "/submoduleDirs"));
      146|           files = lines (readFile (files + "/files"));
         |                          ^
      147|         };

   … while evaluating 'lines'

   at /nix/store/bvynxhgsxhp6ds11ak1wnjx5h8avmfwf-source/lib/clean-git.nix:33:11:

       33|   lines = s: filter (x : x != [] && x != "") (split "\n" s);
         |           ^

I had another error on a different location and got details here:

 ' **/nix/store/067f780bk90ghn7yhz914d5fykmll7a4-bash-5.1-p16/bin/bas** >

Here is another example on different git repo:


 building '/nix/store/9z2bhjz6slfphlm4xbpkh9c0hzll46kh-source.drv'...

 ErrorErrorxexecuting ' **/nix/store/067f780bk90ghn7yhz914d5fykmll7a4-bash-5.1-p16/bin/bash** ': **Bad file descriptor**

 **error:** builder for ' **/nix/store/9z2bhjz6slfphlm4xbpkh9c0hzll46kh-source.drv** ' failed with    exit code 1;

 last 2 log lines:


 > ErrorErrorxexecuting ' **/nix/store/067f780bk90ghn7yhz914d5fykmll7a4-bash-5.1-  p16/bin/bash** ': **Bad file descriptor**

 For full logs, run ' **nix log /nix/store/9z2bhjz6slfphlm4xbpkh9c0hzll46kh-source.drv** '.

 (use '--show-trace' to show detailed location information)

  % nix log /nix/store/9z2bhjz6slfphlm4xbpkh9c0hzll46kh-source.drv



 lines 1-2/2 (END)

PS: I did try temporarily increasing the file descriptor limits from 256 to higher value but same issue continues. However, I did not update the file in nix/store yet. Can someone please explain how I can get nix to redownload this file again? I have another open question about if there is some command like nix-clean to clean cache or store? How is this done?

So this appears to be from corrupt cache or download. Bad file descriptor error in this case most likely due to corrupt download of the cache. It is now working.

How did you fix the corrupt cache/download. Having the same issue