Basics - Bash Commands

Is there a way to know which package these commands belong to?

  • find is in findutils
  • tar in coreutils
  • cd? xargs? etc?

Some heuristic?

I must be missing something… I am writing a line of bash for a service, therefore I think I need the package info.


Best tool for that is IMO.


If you just want to know for yourself and not for programmatic reasons this is low tech but works well enough:

ls -l $(which find)

This will return you the store path with which you can infer the name.


really nice - any idea how to find cd?

I thought cd isn’t a program, but a command implemented in shells.

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ahhh, i never knew! thanks for this

The type builtin can discriminate between external commands and shell builtins/functions/aliases/etc. You can also use type -a <cmd> to see all commands an invocation could resolve to.

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command-not-found or nix-locate

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