Best laptops for NixOS

My T14 is Intel (Gen 1)

The suspend battery drain is really annoying. I had my T14 AMD in my backpack for two days and it was drained. What’s worse, the Lenovo dock refused to charge it when it was drained (the power light would just flicker, none of the tricks on the net would bring it alive). Fortunately, the MacBook power adapter of a friend that I share an office with did bring it back alive.

I would be surprised if S3 sleep works well. Even in Windows, it frequently awakes and the track pad is gone. Or even more annoying, it puts the trackpad in a state where it permanently registers clicks, so the system is not really usable anymore (since it will automatically click anything you hover over).

Thinkpad x13 is the quietest laptop I have used so far and it is a solid build (like we are used from the upper range thinkpads).

Thinkpad T440P here, work great

Hi! It’s 2022, how have the recommended laptop options changed?

Framework would be great but it’s availability is quite limited at the moment.

Is the M2 MacBook Air a contender with virtualization?

Is any ARM-based laptop suitable for compiling software for nix?

Are the gaming lineup of Lenovo/Dell/Hp/Acer viable options to play AAA games on Nixos?

I switched from Thinkpad to Framework and I am a happy user since April. But also don’t do any graphics stuff. I don’t think ARM laptops outside of Apple are particular good for compiling.


T14 AMD Gen 3 looks decent for gaming:

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Anybody here have experience with NixOS on the System76 Lemur Pro?

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I’ve used NixOS on that laptop. It works pretty well, ran Steam and the works on it, with ZFS+snapshots and all. I would certainly recommend it if you’re going to buy it.


I use a X1 Carbon and it’s perfect.

I also use it on a Thinkpad T470 with an external Nvidia GPU :+1:t3:

ThinkPad x270 working good. \o/

I think a wiki entry covering this topic would be an interesting idea. This thread is huge and has a lot of duplication, unsurprisingly, but that also means a lot of people are interested :wink:

The gentoo wiki has a bunch of users talking about laptops they’ve done the gentoo on, so we’d hardly be the first, nor would this data be meaningfully different, I think. But to my knowledge there isn’t really a good list of laptops with their Linux desktop problems out there, and it’d be reassuring for people who want to make the switch after buying a new one.

Nixos is also uniquely good at allowing people to address problems with a specific device and actually sharing the solution. I know nixos-hardware exists, and that’s currently where I would send users asking questions about hardware, but it doesn’t answer questions like “what laptop features are broken?” outside of the occasional in-code comment, and it’s only suitable for contributions by users already very comfortable with nix.

A big table permitting short comments and yes/no ticks like what you get with winehq or protondb seems like it could be helpful?


But to my knowledge there isn’t really a good list of laptops with their Linux desktop problems out there, and it’d be reassuring for people who want to make the switch after buying a new one.

I am pretty sure I have submitted overviews to «Linux Laptop» and «Tux Mobil» webites back in the day. And pretty sure they are down now. I think the situation has changed in many ways pushing people to discuss distribution-specific ways to fix things easily.

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I wanted to buy a Framework for NixOS when it first came onto the market, but it’s still not available where I live (despite being available in neighboring countries).

I picked up a fairly inexpensive Tuxedo laptop instead a while back. For the price I paid for it, I’d say it’s fine. It has some shutdown issues every once and a while, and Tuxedo Control Center has not really been packaged so far because it’s an electron app and obviously uses outdated electron versions as usual, so that’s a little annoying. But otherwise it’s fine.

Whenever I have some spare cash I would probably upgrade to something more robust though, the built quality isn’t necessarily the best.

My take: Domen Kožar


T480s working quite well, media keys, camera, mic, etc.