Boot Disc No Internet Access

I’m trying to install NixOs from the website’s live boot image. However I cannot connect to the internet even though I’m able to connect to my home router and even access the router’s webpage.

  • I’ve used nslookup and get a successful IP address back. I can also ping <ip-of-google> and that succeeds. However ping fails with System Error (nothing else).

  • I can boot the same machine using Linux Mint (running NetworkManager 1.10.6) with no issues.

  • If I connect to my phone’s hotspot I can access the internet with no problems from the NixOs live boot image.

Any ideas on how to get the boot image to work with my home router would be greatly appreciated.

What commands are you running in the live disc system to bring up internet access? Is it wifi or ethernet?

I’m using nmtui to get access to the wifi. I can’t connect to the router via ethernet (I don’t have a cable).

check if your /etc/nsswitch.conf contain resolver other than dns in hosts section.