Boot screen not showing generations

this is a fresh install of 23.05 done with calamares installer, manually partitioned with 512m ESP mounted at /boot. bootloader is systemd-boot.

the boot device in the hardware-configuration.nix,

fileSystems."/boot" =
    { device = "/dev/disk/by-uuid/1801-6766";
      fsType = "vfat";

bootloader section in the configuration.nix,

boot.loader.systemd-boot.enable = true;
  boot.loader.efi.canTouchEfiVariables = true;

i had tried reinstalling the bootloader with sudo nixos-rebuild --install-bootloader switch following the wiki, but to no avail. it gets stuck at settting up tmpfiles.

I am a bit lost.

If that’s where it gets stuck, then the issue lies somewhere with something you haven’t shown us.

Not sure about that, as I do not have any other configs pertinent to boot or bootloader. Anyways, I used the alternative method to reinstall the bootloader, using an install media and chroot. Still missing the boot screen, it boots right into the scrolling service status and startup outputs.