Boxes flatpak won't start

I’ve had this issue on 22.11 and now again (or still) on 23.05

The Boxes flatpak won’t start when clicking the app launcher, but it wil start from the command line (flatpak run) or from Gnome Software (open)

anyone any ideas how to solve this?

There is possibly a difference between the environment in your shell and that created when clicking the Icon.

Those are generally nasty to debug. I remember going through some weird issues with environment variables a year ago together with ViperML. It resulted in a couple of tickets created in several repositories, and no-one took responsibility, and pointed on some other software, going in circles. At the end Viper manually sourced some shell files manually during their compositors starting phase.

So details here may massively depend on a couple of things…

  1. What DM are you using?
  2. What DE/WM/Compositor are you using? (includes also X or Wayland?)
  3. How do you manage your graphical sessions?
  4. How do you manage your shells configuration?
  5. What environment variables do you have set?
  6. Do you have XDG-portals installed, if yes, how exactly?

This particular machine actually is a vanilla Nixos install (Gnome / Wayland) for my wife, with nothing installed from the config.nix, just 3 flatpaks post install from gnome software so far. (betterbird, onlyoffice, boxes)
I wanted to test out if the boxes problem still exists so “borrowed” her laptop to check.

It’s not running anything else atm, when I came across the issue again I wanted to fix that one before I continue.

Sounds like it might be Flatpaks with `DBusActivatable=true` fail to start through menu · Issue #138956 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub


that was it!! thanks a lot, it was driving me crazy :slight_smile: