Broken nixpkgs package "gmrender-resurrect"

I am quite new to Nix, I am trying to set up a server with the same software I have installed previously with OpenSUSE. One of these programs is gmrender-resurrect. But it looks like the build has started to break. When I tried to install it, it attempts to build it and it fails with an error message, a header file that can’t be found. It seems this must be because some dependency has changed, most likely libupnp I think since the package itself is not changed recently

Then I thought I could check in Hydra, and the same thing has started to happen there.
Working build
Failing build:

Since I am quite new with NixOS, not sure what I should do here. Report a defect on Github? Or is the fix so obvious that I can try to do it myself?

Looking at the build log, one difference is in the build flags:

- -I/nix/store/qld5mw9qvjk0lfgxplzx83wbc0qylm5r-libupnp-1.14.12-dev/include/upnp
+ -I/nix/store/wgxxb9f9hhi1f9mbkfyh6jivb2wshvmc-libupnp-1.14.13-dev/include/upnp

Looking at the relevant update libupnp: 1.14.12 -> 1.14.13 by r-ryantm · Pull Request #185253 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub, the header was removed in Bakported all cmake fixes. · pupnp/pupnp@4dcfdba · GitHub. Maybe try reporting it as a bug to pupnp and either revert #185253 in Nixpkgs, or use gmrender-resurrect from older Nixpkgs revision.

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Thank you for good analysis and suggestions!

gmrender-resurrect not building with pupnp 1.14.13 · Issue #254 · hzeller/gmrender-resurrect · GitHub fixed and
gmrender-resurrect: 0.0.9 -> 0.1 by hzeller · Pull Request #192664 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub out for review.

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My experience is that getting enough approvers or the attention of people who can merge is slowing down reviews. So make sure to review and approve the change if possible (the button on the top right in gmrender-resurrect: 0.0.9 -> 0.1 by hzeller · Pull Request #192664 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub ).

Or if that is not possible, leave at least a LGTM s a comment.

I am happy to test it and leave a comment, just need to figure out how to install it, not familiar with testing PRs yet.

I think you mostly need to check out nixpkgs from github, then apply locally

Then in the nixpkgs directory nix-build -A gmrender-resurrect should build things cleanly. The final binary will be in result/bin/

Thanks for the instructions. I have now tested and it builds and runs so I added a comment to the PR. Who is able to approve?