Build from new github nix files

I want to build a nix file, I found on GitHub.

Someone made a driver for some hardware I have, but instead of waiting on the official release.
I want to download it and build it.
I am quit new to NixOs, so it might be a stupid question. I have tried different version of
nix-build ‘nix build’ and nix-shell but all fail.

It is this
stuff , I want to test.

It looks like that commit includes both package that you can just nix-build and NixOS module with a service and device configuration that you would have to add to your NixOS configuration and nixos-rebuild it.
I think the easiest way to try it out would be to temporary switch your whole system to use author’s nixpkgs fork and branch. For example, if you use a flake to configure your system, you could add inputs.nixpkgs.url = "github:q3k/nixpkgs/q3k/tiltfive"; to it to switch.

I don’t use flake for configuration, I am new to NIxOs. I am still use the configuration.nix in /etc/nixos. Didn´t knew using flake was a possibility to you mentioned it.