Cachix 0.3.7 release

I’d highly encourage everyone to upgrade to avoid a rare bug that was fixed.

It should be available in nixpkgs and under official url.

- Allow specifying number of parallel jobs when pushing: cachix push mycache -j8


- Print stderr during streaming of nars


- Use max up to 8 cores to prevent performance issues
  on machines with lots of cores

- Get deriver and references from C++ structures rather
  then shelling out (slight performance improvement)

- #251: Assert nar hash before creating narinfo

  Fixes rare but annoying bug of "bad nar archive" from Nix.
  Never managed to reproduce. One theory is that the path disappears as
  its deleted by GC or nix-store --delete.

- Print correct path when passing --nixos-folder and encountering an error
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