Cachix is moving to new infrastructure tomorrow (29th January)

More details to follow in a blog post after the migration!

Expected downtime is 1h starting at 2am UTC.

In case you’ll be getting “file too big” errors, make sure to upgrade to Cachix client 0.3.5.


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Will there by any chance be a version of cachix, that does not rely on the client to upload, but rather makes use of nix copy?

I’m not asking for this feature to be available tomorrow or next month, just if its on the roadmap (or possible) at all.

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It’s tricky, but possible.

I haven’t yet made up my mind if that should be supported, so I’m curious about the use case.

Just unifying tool chains…

Currently I have to deal with nix, nix-*, cachix, home-manager (and on another laptop there is also nixos-*.

In my opinion, it should not matter if I want to copy a path to my other laptops local store or a store on my NAS that is used as cache when in local network (not yet iplemented, need to set up NAS first :smiley: ) or to my cachix store…

From my viewpoint all of these operation do want to do the same thing. Send local paths to a remote machine.