Can this be used for gaming?

Hi, im wondering can this be used for gaming?

For the most part, in my experience, if a game works on another linux distro like ubuntu, it works on nixos. The problem is that even with steam proton, a lot of games don’t work on linux at all.

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Yes, it works well for gaming.

My Steam Deck is running NixOS using GitHub - Jovian-Experiments/Jovian-NixOS
My gaming desktop was running NixOS for a while.

GOG games may have some issues sometimes, but it got better last year, especially if you use Heroic gaming launcher, which also have a very good support for Epic game store.

Basically you get the regular gaming on Linux experience, but using NixOS :woman_shrugging:


what about for games on dvds?

You can be sure they are windows games, maybe with Wine this would work, but my guess is it will be really painful to handle them.

If they’re Windows native you can usually run them with Lutris. If they’re Linux native, you’ll probably need to use steam-run or nix-alien for them to work on NixOS. Using containers with Distrobox or Atoms would probably work too.

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distrobox and atoms?

what are those programs?

do nixOS have network drivers installed?

I’m sorry but this line of questioning is getting a little bit silly. NixOS is a general purpose Linux distribution like many others. Yes, we do do some things very differently but I suggest having a look at the information in the wiki and then try it out in a VM. If you then have questions or issues as a consequence of that, people are here to help.