Cannot find and connect my bluetooth speaker

I’m trying to scan with blueman but I can’t find my speaker to connect to. I can connect to it from my smartphone and since it is not detected i dont know what to try.
The following is my audio config in configuration.nix:

sound.enable = true;
hardware.pulseaudio.enable = true;
hardware.bluetooth.enable = true;
services.blueman.enable = true;
security.rtkit.enable = true;

Can someone help me? Thanks in advance

“I can connect” soundslike your phone is already paired with the speakers but your laprop isn’t.
So just to make sure: did you set your speakers to “pairing mode” (or however that’s called)? Some speakers are always “discoverable”, but some have a separate mode for that.

If that’s not it, I usually test with sudo bluetoothctl (use e.g. this reference if you don’t know it).

Could be something like missing kernel modules for the bluetooth adapter, permission errors, etc. I’ve run into pretty much all of these at some point :sweat_smile:

I had a mouse that my laptop refused to find. sudo systemctl restart bluetooth did the trick.

from phone, i deleted speaker association and I connected to it again after scanning it. The speaker is always in discoverable. The strange thing is that i can also connect to other devices, like bluetooth headphones. I already know bluetoothctl, but aftern scan on command, nothing is found.
I also tried sudo systemctl restart bluetooth, but it doesn’t work.

Maybe check what version of Bluetooth your laptop supports and your speakers use. Might actually be a compatibility problem (though odd, speakers usually have lower requirements than headsets…). Also check the output of sudo dmesg. Might give any hints (or sudo journalctl -xe). Without any kind of error there’s really not much we can help with :-/

And of course disable bluetooth on your phone while trying to connect with your laptop. It’s annoying that phones usually have much better bluetooth range than computers.

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