Can't install an updated R Studio or Mullvad VPN through Nix


I just installed NixOS and might have to uninstall it to make RStudio and Mullvad VPN work. However, I love this project and hope you could help make NixOS more accessible for me and people who will have my same issues.

Currently, the RStudio package available on is out of date by 9 months. Mullvad VPN is out of date by 11 months.

I don’t know exactly what to do to get an updated version. (I am slowly making my way through the Nix documentation.)

Is it a matter of emailing the maintainers? (Which I just did)

What could I do if they don’t respond? Through Nix, can I make use of the .deb and .rpm files that RStudio provides? Isn’t that how all Nix packages have to be created? If so, where can I learn how to do this myself?

What would you suggest I do in both the short and the long term? At least I can try to use Wireguard manually for now. But R Studio doesn’t have that easy fix.



Are you on the 22.11 release? If so, most packages will only get bugfixes and security fixes until you upgrade to the next release that will be released in about a month.

Many people run off of the nixos-unstable branch for this reason, this is a rolling-release branch which gets bumped very regularly and receives all the updates to packages in nixpkgs. There is however a slightly higher chance of running into small issues from time to time.

Thanks for your reply. Before I read it, I was so frustrated that I reinstalled Pop OS. But now I’m back in Nix OS.

I am subscribed to the unstable branch now.

However, R Studio in nix pkgs is behind by 9 months even in the unstable branch. I think you can confirm this by looking here NixOS Search