Can't override unstable.neovim anymore

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I’ve realized my neovim is broken after latest nixos-rebuild. Here is how I set my overrides:

This is the working version as is. Only change is: Normally I was using unstable.neovim.override instead of super.neovim.override.

Did something change? Am I missing something obvious?


Neovim recently released 0.5, I don’t use nightly builds but perhaps your nvim nightly builds are pulling it in and is having issues?

It’s hard to say without any error logs.

If I see correct, unstable branch still has 0.4.4.

There is no error log I could find, the rebuild & switch happens without an issue, but resulting neovim doesn’t have any plugins, nor running :scriptnames in it doesn’t show custom vimrc file defined in the override.

Neovim has not released 0.5. Some changes were recently made to the neovim packaging by @teto, it’s possible this is related.

check out, sorry for breakage

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