Can't rebuild my system since last flake update thanks to Python

Hi, I havent changed anything in my configuration, just did flake update yesterday and since then, I am receiving this during rebuild:

       … while calling the 'head' builtin

         at /nix/store/yzkx7gx2cn73dh3c7zg5rvgkp3yli1cd-source/lib/attrsets.nix:1575:11:

         1574|         || pred here (elemAt values 1) (head values) then
         1575|           head values
             |           ^
         1576|         else

       … while evaluating the attribute 'value'

         at /nix/store/yzkx7gx2cn73dh3c7zg5rvgkp3yli1cd-source/lib/modules.nix:821:9:

          820|     in warnDeprecation opt //
          821|       { value = addErrorContext "while evaluating the option `${showOption loc}':" value;
             |         ^
          822|         inherit (res.defsFinal') highestPrio;

       (stack trace truncated; use '--show-trace' to show the full trace)

       error: Python version mismatch in 'python3.11-openusd-24.05':

       The Python derivation 'python3.11-openusd-24.05' depends on a Python derivation
       named 'python3.12-materialx-1.38.10', but the two derivations use different versions
       of Python:

               'python3.11-openusd-24.05' uses /nix/store/hyppxdhgqx7nbg394j97yhmi6vizl074-python3-3.11.9
           'python3.12-materialx-1.38.10' uses /nix/store/z7xxy35k7620hs6fn6la5fg2lgklv72l-python3-3.12.4

       Possible solutions:

         * If 'python3.12-materialx-1.38.10' is a Python library, change the reference to 'python3.12-materialx-1.38.10'
           in the buildInputs of 'python3.11-openusd-24.05' to use a 'python3.12-materialx-1.38.10' built from the same
           version of Python

         * If 'python3.12-materialx-1.38.10' is used as a tool during the build, move the reference to
           'python3.12-materialx-1.38.10' in 'python3.11-openusd-24.05' from buildInputs to nativeBuildInputs

         * If 'python3.12-materialx-1.38.10' provides executables that are called at run time, pass its
           bin path to makeWrapperArgs:

               makeWrapperArgs = [ "--prefix PATH : ${lib.makeBinPath [ materialx ] }" ];

        at /nix/store/yzkx7gx2cn73dh3c7zg5rvgkp3yli1cd-source/pkgs/development/python-modules/openusd/default.nix:53:3

Any help? Or is there something wrong and should I open bug report? Thanks

fixed by materialx: move to python3Packages by dotlambda · Pull Request #326041 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

Great. Should I create overlay for this, or will it be soon in the repo?

Are you getting these via Blender? If so a temporary fix for Blender only is already merged in blender: update to python3.12, fix build by gador · Pull Request #325292 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub.

I don’t know actually. This is my config:

so I assumed it comes from that customPython