Can't rebuild the system

I have an problem. I can’t rebuild my system, and it always errors out that it can’t rebuild logrotate configuration file. I have the configuration here and I have flakes enabled with profile for ProtonMail Bridge CLI.

Also, I haven’t updated my flake.lock a long time ago, switched version of the Linux kernel to hardened one and switched to open drivers from NVIDIA.

OK, this is a final one. Here’s what happened:

/nix/store/zr0fzzkknaycqj8ij13gk6bhq8lnwxl1-coreutils-9.3/bin/id: cannot find name for group ID 3000

I guess it has something to do with patches made to the Linux kernel by the person who patched it.

does the non-hardened kernel work?

the are notorious for breaking ‘stuff’!

Like the screenshots, very synthwave! I like it.

Lets see if we can get you back building.

i built your configuration
nixos-rebuild --flake git+ build

seems to build as your latest commit, but i can’t switch to it obviously…

I use sudo nixos-rebuild switch --flake <path to repo on my PC> to rebuild and switch to new generation.

Yes, it does. I can also run Discord and all Electron apps.

ok, so what problem are you having currently ?

I thought you were getting a build error?

I’m getting it only on my desktop (MatuusPC in the config files). It has rebuilt successfully on my laptop (MatuusBook in the config files).

So do I have to reinstall to get the system to successfully rebuild?

That shouldn’t be necessary, but this does suggest that one of the two machines has some manual modifications of something that should not have been touched.

3000 is not listed as any user group here:

Did you manually create a group with the id 3000, and now things are breaking because mutableUsers is confused for one reason or another? If we can figure out what the name is supposed to be we can re-add it, and then presumably add a proper entry to users.groups to fix the problem for good.

It could also be a typo on your end, and refer to group 30000, which would be quite strange because that’s a really fundamental group to suddenly disappear, but at least it would explain why there is a build error. This could maybe be more easily recovered without a full reinstall.

Would be useful to see more of your build output, with so little context it’s hard to tell what’s going on.

I’m going to reiterate the wise words of the mighty TLATER.

The repo you shared i take is not the commit/version that you are struggling with. If you commit a to a temporary branch , that would be helpful. Don’t think that ‘reinstalling’ is doom however, because nixos reinstalls (rebuilds) with every nixos-rebuild switch.

making imperative (manual changes) like you would on arch, or any other unix system is a big no no.

If the state of the system, is different to what nixos thinks the state of the system is , that’s bad.

All new users do this, I did it for god sake, because when your coming from other Unixes, making imperative change is the way you administer those traditional systems.

Imperative changes in nixos are almost like crossing two or more Proton Streams.

‘very bad’.

I haven’t done anyhting imperative outside of my home folder. And no, it is not a typo.

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I thought had seen this before, it’s in the following topic. Perhaps you can read it and try the mentioned workaround solution?

Then again, this one is also related to a hardened profile and a coreutils error so maybe someone with knowhow about the Nix internals could have a look?


Much thanks. Now the system can rebuild without problems.

So it was a typo then ;p

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