Cant run manually built Alacritty binary

I am trying to build Alacritty from source. It builds fine.
But when I run the built binary, I get this error:

[nix-shell:~/repos/alacritty]$ ./target/debug/alacritty
Alacritty encountered an unrecoverable error:

	Error creating GL context; Received multiple errors. Errors: `[NotSupported("lacking either libGL or libEGL so could not fallback to other"), NotSupported("both libGL and libEGL are not present")]`


I am running NixOS stable in VM.
Please help :slight_smile:

You can try using buildFHSUserEnv to make the libraries appear in the standard location. There is an example in that section, just adjust the packages you need.

Thanks. I will go read it.