Can't update system with socks5 proxy anymore

Hello everybody

Today morning before upgrading system (it was upgraded last time less than a month ago) nix used to obey my system socks5 proxy (set on kde system setting, proxy section) but now it doesn’t, based on where I am access to socks5 is my only gateway to internet, and I cannot upgrade my system without it

Is there a new update on how nix handle downloads which broke global plasma-system-settings socks5 proxy support? how can I fix it? (I ensured it using a firefox configured to that socks5 could dl the nixos-unstable release nixos-22.11pre421411.2001e2b31c5 but nixos-rebuild command failed to do so and kept on retrying)

You probably want to use NixOS Search. to set it system wide. Whatever plasma is doing, is probably not fully working on NixOS or only plasma wide.

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